25 years of innovation

The SPACE exhibition (Rennes, France) with Innov’Space award celebrates 25 years of innovation and recount the day-to-day evolutions for the swine production.

On that way, the Innov’Space examination board selected the best 100 Innovations among the 1 253 innovation prizes given since 1995. Innovations and equipment are selected as an evolution of practices and precursors in their field, and this in each sectors (daiy, poultry, swine, field machinery and feed).

Asserva is therefore delighted that the Selfifeeder concept, awarded in 2009 and that the Materneo concept, awarded in 2013, have been selected among the significant innovations of the recent years in the swine industry.


Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their

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