Our wishes for 2021

Dear partners,

If I had been told at the end of 2019 that we were going to have such a year 2020, I surely would not have believed it. Of course, 2020 has been an exceptional year in many ways.

Exceptional by the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected the world. And by the different measures taken to try to contain it : the first lockdown in March in France, the second one in November, the wearing of masks and the physical distancing, measures which changed the way we live. Covid-19 has required each of us to show versatility and adaptability at an individual level, it also change the way a company is working. Development of teleworking and videoconferencing, digitization of our processes, use of new remote communication tools, new work organization…

By that, I want to underline your creativity, your responsiveness, your commitment, in the interest of our companies. So that the activity can continue, with as little clash as possible and sometimes at the cost of very importants efforts. That’s why, on behalf of all at Asserva, I want to thank you very sincerely and warmly for what you have been able to accomplish in such a short time. A huge thank you.

To turn now to a more technical aspect, the Asserva company ends 2020 with a sales growth of 6%, which is exceptional for us given the context. We have 2 new flagship products that will be on sale in 2021, we have managed to keep the pace of our innovative projects that we will present to you soon. The situation is obviously not the most satisfactory possible, but we can congratulate ourselves on having delivered the best of ourselves.

2021, is going to be a pivotal year. But a very stimulating one. After having started to digitize our processes, our challenge now is to optimize them so that they are as efficient as possible. Our common objective is to gain in growth, by securing what we already know how to do, and by searching new levers.

It only remains for me to wish you and your loved ones a happy and a healthy new year 2021, and the control of the Covid as soon as possible. At the rate things are going, optimism will become an Olympic discipline, and we will win the Gold medal !

Happy New Year 2021, may this year filled with joy and optimism !

Dominique Cantin

CEO – Asserva Group


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