Cochinillo Segoviano – Spain


New installation for Asserva in Spain in the Cochinillo Segoviano farm located in the Segovia region.
A farm with a capacity of 630 sows with 114 farrowing places and a 3-band management.

Since 2018, the gestation part of the farm, divided into 6 parks with 38 sows per park, has been equipped with the Selfifeeder concept, allowing the management of the feeding of gestating sows in freedom in a self-service area where access and consumption are controlled.

In April 2022, the farm upgraded its farrowing feeding equipment with the installation of 114 SMCs with centralized PC management. (Sow Meal Control is a feeding concept with a feeder equipped with an intelligent and connected sensor, allowing individual monitoring of the sows’ feed).

This modernisation is being carried out with the aim of improving animal performance and growth, with the objective of upgrading the farm to 750 sows.

An installation made by our local partner Pecua


Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their

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