Interview: Asserva’s CEO talks about total pork traceability

Imagine: when buying a piece of pork, just scanning a barcode will give all the information as to where the pig lived, what it consumed and how it was treated. Science fiction? Not at all, the future is right at our doorsteps, says Dominique Cantin, CEO of Asserva.

In theory, it has long been possible to know how each individual finisher pig performs. After all, it has been done with sows for quite a number of years now. Each animal needs to receive a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tag and that way an animal’s feeding habits can be monitored and influenced. In practice, however, decisions on finisher performance are being taken mostly on batch level. Information on individual finisher pigs is hardly gathered or monitored.


Depuis 1978, Asserva conçoit, élabore, fabrique, installe et assure le service après-vente de systèmes d’alimentation automatisées pour l’élevage.

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