Manage individually the feeding of calves in freedom !

Pure product from R & D Asserva, Selfilac benefits from Multi Process technology. Associated with Selfilac server for the preparation of Selfilac stations allow individual and personalized feeding of free-roaming calves. All batch data is concentrated on the Selfilac, master and database controller, which contains all the individual information, feed plans, and produces the calculations and manufacturing recipes.

Selfilac - médication des veaux - Asserva

Improve your performance with our calves feed management solutions

The Selfilac-controlled feeding stations ensure the identification, dosing and control of drunkenness thanks to a microprocessor specialized in this task. They constitute as many smart active terminals.

The Selfilac controller is unloaded from complex animal identification, dosing and dispensing procedures. When a feeding station is visited by an identified animal, it receives via the local network an individual work sheet with the current instructions and controls.

The controller of the power terminal then takes over all the functional details of the individual power supply, it operates with respect to these instructions and updates the control data.

The feed terminal operates by passage of individual plugs (a service record at the drinking station and a service record at the dry feed station).

Selfilac - médication des veaux - Asserva
  • Feed plan determined by each animal.

  • The identification allows accurate monitoring of the consumption of each animal and management of refusal to drink.

  • Food stations under control of Selfilac_GX ensure the identification, dosage and control of drunk.

  • Feeding stations can receive and serve any animal referenced in the database.

  • Transfer made by a pump to different tanks of expectations.

  • All batch data is concentrated on the Selfilac_GX controller.

  • Complete database containing individual information and feed plans.

  • Selfilac_GX constantly dialogs with the stations in order to issue and retrieve the individual data sheets of the animals that visit them.

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