Mix dosing car


Feed your animals better and more precisely while saving time !

The SIEPLO mix dosing car has been specially designed to mix and dose ration in a single operation. The SIEPLO mix dosing car meets the demand of calves producers.

A high capacity mixer-doser carriage with short mixing times, perfect mixing results and accurate dosing.

Mixing, weighing and dosing in one pass is an exceptional time saver.

The Sieplo mix dosing car is the ideal tool to optimize the feeding of your animals with more precision.

The mixer carriage features an easy-to-use, touch-sensitive display that accurately sets the feed schedule per day per kg.

It offers the possibility of recording loading and unloading dosages by group or individually.

Precious information for the breeder that will allow him to improve his technical performance.

Thanks to an accuracy of dosage to the nearest 100 grams, the Sieplo mix dosing car allows to distribute the optimal dose of forage and to guarantee a homogeneous and adapted mixture to the animals.

chariot sieplo
  • Precision in the dosage of food.

  • Suitable for mixing and dosing corn, pellets, straw, barley, etc.

  • Software for feed registration, feeding schedule per day and possibility of reports.

  • Driving speeds and robust design.

  • Dosage adjustable according to the needs of the breeder.

  • Unique vertical mixing system ensures homogeneous mixing.

  • Ergonomic touch screen and very resistant.

  • Low maintenance with brushless motors.

  • Extra manoeuvrable by 3-wheel steering.
  • Very stable by low center of gravity.
  • Unique design with very smooth finish.
  • Energy efficient.

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