Manage automatically the supply of vitamins and treatments !

Medisat is a supplementation incorporation system in the preparation of milk. We can manage 6 maxmium products, 4 feed and 2 liquids. It works thanks to weighing with mixer and a return pump.

The Medisat works instantaneously, so it can incorporate a supplement at time.

Medisat - médication des veaux - Asserva

Improve the preparation of milk with supplements for calves using the Medisat system.

The supply of nutritional supplements during the driving of a batch of veal calves is an essential element to the success of the batch. These contributions must be personalized for each batch. This makes the automatic distribution of milk more complex.

Medi Sat solves this problem entirely. It distributes simultaneously and automatically up to 4 feed and 2 liquid products.

Coming directly from the Multi Process technology developed by Asserva, Medisat has a weighing accuracy of 10 grams perfectly adapted to the type of product used.

Medisat enables optimized, efficient and secure breeding operations that are perfectly automatic.

Medisat - médication des veaux - Asserva
  • Incorporation of supplements in the preparation of milk.

  • Management of several products.
  • Operation: weighing with mixer and a recovery pump.

  • Instant operation.

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