Production and distribution of milk

Global concept of milk production and distribution management for veal calves !

Lactofeeder is a global concept for the management of production and distribution (manual or automatic) of milk for veal calves. The Lactofeeder has an inventory management, an evolving diet plan. 

Moreover a supplementation is possible. The interest is to have a simplicity of implementation.

Improve your performance through simplified management of milk production and distribution.

The Lactofeeder is a complete concept and a powerful management tool.

Equipped with a stainless steel mixer with one or two very efficient brewing propellers. The system incorporates weighing on strain gauges of high metrological quality.

New human-machine interface consisting of a graphic screen offering up to 16 lines of 40 characters. All data can be entered or viewed simply via a program menu very easy to access.

It can be connected to a supervisor PC and in this case all entries and data consultations can be made in a color graphic environment under Windows.

  • Precision of the preparation thanks to the weighing.

  • Saves time in preparation.

  • Brewing quality thanks to mixer management and preparation time.
  • Precise and optimized medicines with weight at 10g.

  • Ability to manage multiple bins distribution with automatic referral.

  • Feeding plan returned for the entire duration of the band.
Radiolac - alimentation veaux - Asserva


In combination with the installation, the Radiolac makes it easier to control the distribution of milk for calves using a bucket or trough. Thanks to the combination of a PLC and a control terminal operating in wireless connection, it is possible to perform a semi-automatic distribution of milk, using a cane. Thanks to the terminal, the user is able to control the remote distribution. The system then distributes the quantity requested using a flow meter.

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