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Automatic milk distribution for calves in collective pen !

Automatic milk distribution system at the pen by valve with quantity control, choice: distribution by “above” or “below” troughs. 

The Distrilac associated with the Lactofeeder module makes it possible to envisage a complete automation of the manufacture and distribution of milk to calves.

Improve your performance with our solution to automate milk distribution.

The distribution is ensured via a network of valves controlled by the Distrilac option module, which controls the quantities delivered to the valves opposite the volume found on the distribution tank via a flow meter or a weighing.

Distrilac thus makes it possible to fully automate the manufacture and distribution of milk in farms with 200 to 1000 calves.

Individualized valve-by-valve modulation with automatic and progressive recovery. Real-time synchronization between preparation and distribution.

Distrilac - distribution du lait pour veaux - Asserva
  • Precision of the distribution.

  • Possibility of water meals.

  • Relieve the difficulty of distribution.

  • Guarantee of a good milk distribution even in case of replacement.

  • Optimization of time to focus on his job: animals.

  • Removable descents allowing a better washing of the elements.

  • Reliability of the system and equipment used for more than 20 years.

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